Dad is in Assisted Living Facility and waiting for A & A have a question

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    My dad who is 87, was told in May 2009 that he had to move into an assisted living facility by a emergency room doctor because we had to take him in because he had fallen many times and was not doing well. What we did not know at the time was on one of his falls he injured himself very badly and his knee and arm were severely infected and he had to stay in the hospital for two weeks for rehab and wound care. At that time he would not consider assisted living so the doctor asked him if he had a good neighbor, since my husband and I live 100 miles away, and if the neighbor would check on him he could go home. Now he was still driving at the time and he fell again outside but the neighbor found him. Now between May and Nov. he was in the hospital 5 times with different problems we also found out he has congestive heart failure. He finally realized he did need to be in an assisted living and we were so happy.

    I did some research on line and found out about the Aid and Attendance benefit. We found someone to help us with the A & A application and they submitted it at the end of Dec. 2009. We found my dad a wonderful assisted living facility and he moved in Dec. 2009, but the problem is he does not have much money and with the cost of the assisted living he will be out of money very soon, probably next month. We will help him for a few more months but we just retired and do not have much money either right now. We are willing to take out a loan for him to stay if only we knew he qualifies which I know there is no way to know for sure.

    My question is if we have to move him out of the assisted living and move him up here with us (which he knows we would love to have him and he knows he might have to move and told us he would love to come) before the VA finishes his application will he be disqualified from A & A benefits?

    My dad would rather stay in the assisted living as long as he can and stay in the area because he does have a lady friend, brother and many friends from his senior citizens group, he has been President of this group since 1984. He now walks with a walker and needs oxygen but he is still trying to be as active as he can. The assisted living facility is wonderful because he likes to be independent so if he gets the assistance he can stay but we are just afraid the assists will not come fast enough and want to be prepare for the next step.

    Sorry this was so long, but we are all so anxious and do not know what to do next and I just need to talk to someone.

    Thanks you so much for being here for all of us!!!

    Kathy W.
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    Since your dad's finances are going to run out shortly, you can write a letter to the senator in your dad's state explaining the dire circumstances and ask them to assist you with getting the application processed. I would call their office and ask for a fax number so that you can fax the letter rather than sending by mail.

    Since you only filed last month, if you go the regular route on this, you are going to be out several months waiting on a determination and award if he is approved.
  3. Thank you so much for listening to me and thank you so much for your suggestions!!! I will look to see who the Senators are and get their fax numbers. Now if this still take a long time and we have to bring my dad to our home will this stop the A & A process?

    Thanks again,

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    It would not stop the process, but if your dad is awarded the pension, keep in mind that it is based in part on his finances. If he is no longer paying an ALF then you can't deduct those cost. If you bring him to live with you and you act as his caregiver, you would need to draw up a contract and have him pay you as a caregiver to be able to claim cost for his care. You would also need to let the VA know his residence has changed and update them as to his current situation.

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