Can A&A Benefit be transferred to financially supportive family member?

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    My grandmother was awarded my grandfather's VA pension upon his death in 2009. His pension and her social security are her only income totaling $2450/month. She has no assets other than $1500 burial fund in a savings account. As her health has recently declined and she is need of increased care we were informed that she may qualify for the additional Aid and Attendance benefit.

    She has recently begun receiving Medicare hospice services in home and, because she requires extensive daily care, we have applied and been approved for WA State Medicaid to receive 150 hours per month of in-home caregiving. Medicaid will allow her to keep only $990/month to cover her living expenses which exceed $1600-$1800 at minimum. This means that my husband and I will be supplementing her rent, living expenses and medical bills while we wait for her Aid and Attendance application to be approved. Ultimately, should she have to enter an adult care home, my husband and I will supplement the expense of privatized care upwards of $4,000-$5,000/month because there are no adult care facilities in our area that accept Medicaid.

    My grandmother is 84 years old. Her prognosis is 6 months and I understand that the application process can take 8-12 months. At this time I (her primary caregiver) am wavering on spending the time and energy to apply for the benefit if she passes away before she can receive it.

    Is it possible for a retro-active Aid and Attendance benefit to transfer to a family member who provided financial support to the recipient should they pass away before the benefit is approved? And if so, is there any protocol I should follow in order to communicate that possibility in the application process?

    Thank you in advance. This forum has been immensely helpful.
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    The first thing I notice is you mention your grandmother is on Medicaid? If that is the case, the maximum she can be awarded from the Aid and Attendance benefit is $90 per month and this $90 has to be spent on personal care items.

    Since you've already applied, to answer your question on the possibility of your grandmother passing away:
    If applicant passes during the application process prior to funds being released, the son/daughter or other family member who was helping in the application process is entitled to file against those accrued benefits for expenses associated with the "Last Illness." This is not limited to just the out of pocket expenses incurred for final arrangements not covered by pre-existing arrangements or policies, nor is it for the last ambulance ride.

    Use Form 21-601 Application for Accrued Amounts due a Deceased Beneficiary. It is recommended to include a certified copy of their birth certificate indicating they are a legal heir. They will also need to list all siblings who may also be entitled to file.

    I'm hoping for the best for your grandmother and family.

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