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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dru, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Since my Mom's total monthly income is $1300 per month, and the assisted living facility charges approximately $2800 per month - this would make her countable income as -(minus)$18,000. Does this mean that the A&A benefit payable to Mom will be $11,715 - the amount of allowable countable income?

    Her net worth minus her house and car would be $15,000 in savings which we are going to use to pay her first 5-6 months in the assisted living facility, (and even counting the house and car would not exceed the $80K limit). Hopefully it wouldn't take more than 5-6 months to process the application.
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    Based on the information that you have provided, you are correct about your Mother being entitle to the full amount of $11,715 from the VA.

    If you have not already made application you should contact the VA Regional Office tomorrow at 1-800-827-1000 and tell them that you want to submit an 'informal claim' for your Mother for pension with A&A. By doing this you will protect your Mother's effective date for the approval of her claim as May 1, 2007. If you do not do this tomorrow then the effective date will be the first of the following full month that they receive the application or informal claim. Be prepare to have your Father's basic information. Such as full name, service number, date of service, etc. Some of this information could be in the VA's computer already so don't wait because you don't have everything.

    You will have up to one year to file the formal application after you submit the informa claim and the effective date will be retroactive.

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