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Discussion in 'Countable Income' started by Pattyd, Feb 22, 2015.

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    My father who has passed away was a world war II vet. Mom who is 91 has declined in the last year and needs full 24/7 care. She is wheelchair bound and needs help with everything including bathing, meals, dressing, getting in and out of a chair/bed etc. A combination of family members have been helping around the clock. I have been studying this site and getting so much info. I can't thank you enough. We are in the process of gathering the necessary documents. I will be sending in an 'informal claim' to get started.
    My question is this:
    My mom has a prescription drug plan PAAD that she cannot live without. Her prescription drugs are a fortune and she could not afford them without this plan. If we are fortunate to get the maximum VA pension A & A. she may lose her drug plan as this will put her yearly income over the allowed amount for the PAAD. The extra money will be crucial in continuing her care at home. It will be used for home attendants in addition to family. Should we hold back some of her medical expenses so that her countable income will not come out to zero. We do not want to be denied but a slightly lesser amount may be what we need. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.
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    We are not familiar with the drug plan your Mom is on, so can't really say how you should approach this on her application. I think it's best if you look at the threshold for what she can get from A&A that would not take away the PAAD, and work from that point.
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    Thank you so much for getting back to me. She can get up to $8500.00 per year without it affecting the PAAD. Is there a way to regulate the amount received. (This is of course if we are fortunate enough to get approved).
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    Not really.

    The VA looks at the expenses for care, and what monthly income is, and calculate the award accordingly. If she were to be awarded the full pension, it would be at $1149.00 a month. She would have to get half of that to keep her PAAD.

    Again, since do not deal with any of this, I don't know how helpful any of this to you.
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    the VA benefit is based on income less medical expenses. so if you did the math you could submit or claim only a portion of her medical expenses. i'm not sure what PAAD is or how it operates. but you'd really have to look at which is the greater benefit if she lost it.

    you can terminate your VA benefits at anytime too. it is called a renouncement and they will terminate it date last paid to not create an overpayment.
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    Thank so much for your response. Her finances and condition should warrant the full pension amount. We are just trying to decide if it is worth losing her prescription plan. (researching some alternate plans) It is so good to know that we could terminate the VA benefits if necessary.
    Thank you.
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    The VA has a drug plan for qualifying A&A recipients with little to no co-pay. Her drugs may not be on their formulary
    but it may be worth checking out.
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    I am in the process of applying for Aid and attendance pension benefit for my mother, a spouse of a WWII veteran. Is the prescription drug plan your mother has a benefit of the VA? I am curious because my mother has a very expensive drug she needs. In case she doesn't qualify for A&A right now, it would be nice to know if she could get some assistance for her medications. Financial she would qualify, but I am not sure if other medical needs would quite yet.
    Thanks for any info.

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