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    Submitted application in person, Houston, TX Regional VA Benefits in Feb. 2010 for my 90 year old mother (surviving spouse) who lives in another state. After reading everything on your site, and based on my mother's age and dementia, I also gathered and submitted all the forms and letters to have fiduciary (me) appointed along with application.
    The clerk who helped me that day said, "they won't need anything else from you"!!

    Important note - VA Form 21-0845 Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party - is very important if you need to communicate with them on behalf of the applicant and then it is still a challenge. Between Feb. and Aug. I used the VA iris online once, and the second time I tried, the system wouldn't let me in so I started calling and found I had better success at 8:30 am - could actually get to a real live person!

    Have received the notification package from VA - it was mailed on Sept. 2, announcing their decision to give Mom the max allowance for A & A and this morning the lump sum retroactive payment is in mom's bank account!

    VA advises that the medical evidence submitted did not include a definite statement by a responsible medical authority that Mom is unable to manage her finances in her own best interest, so they have determined she is competent for VA purposes.
    Should I address this and go thru the appointment of fiduciary process or not? I live in Texas and Mom is in Mississippi. I have figured out how to communicate with VA and they do recognize me as the "third party" for disclosing personal information......they actually copied and mailed to my address, the notification package they sent Mom. Don't want to throw in any "road blocks" because I didn't follow up on this. There really is no question that mother is NOT competent to handle her own finances........this little lady will hear the phone ringing and try to answer the TV remote control, then argue with me that it is a phone and she has talked to people on it.
    I am her designated representative, Durable Power of Attorney, manage all her money and care issues, etc.
    What would you do?

    Thank you for your passion for helping people and sharing all you have learned about how to deal with VA. The website was so helpful and convinced me that I could accomplish this for my sweet mom!
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    You will have to apply to be appointed as her fiduciary, and do need to go through this process.

    The VA does not recognize POA, so that isn't going to count with them. There should have been a form included in that package for you to apply. If not contact them and let them know. It more than likely will take a while for you to have a Field Rep go and speak with your mom, and then somone where you are will need to speak with you.

    The important thing is that she is now receiving the pension and so the biggest hurdle has been navigated.

    Thank you for your kind words, and am happy to know that we were a resource for you and your mom.

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