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Discussion in 'Eligibility Questions' started by janah, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. janah

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    Father was a World warII pilot (now deceased)
    Mother was a Womens Air Service Pilot (WASP) World War II veteran

    My 97 mother (former WASP) is receiving the maximum aid and Attendance benefit as a SPOUSE OF A DECEASED VETERAN

    We did not apply for A&A in my mothers name because we were not sure that we were going to get her discharge papers. It took a year but we finally did.

    Mother has taken a turn for the worse and we would like to send her to a VA Nursing home or use the VA Health system as a veteran.

    Question: Can she still receive aid and attendance if she enters the VA healthcare system?
  2. vetadmin

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    Usually the VA nursing home takes the award, or in the event the veteran has not filed, will file for the pension.

    There are some variables with this, so I would recommend you check with the VA nursing home in her area to see how they would work with her/you.

    It's unfortunate that it took so long to get her discharge papers.
  3. janah

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    How about VA Home health care can she have those benefits and retain her aid and attendance? Or would we loose the aid and attendance when we enter the home health care system.
  4. vetadmin

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    We are not familiar with the services of VA Home Care, if she would qualify, or what the requirements are. I would suggest speaking with the VA to see if that's an option.

    If you are looking to keep her at home and have services come for her, I would highly suggest you get her rated as the veteran and not the surviving spouse.

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