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    Hello All

    I have a few questions that someone on this forum might know the answers.

    My father who was a Vietnam Vet put in a claim to the VA in 2005, and got denied. His claim was in reference to being exposed to agent orange over in Vietnam and having multiple health issues due to the exposure, ie: Skin discoloration, skin cancer, neuropathy, sclerosis of the liver, liver cancer, ascites and liver transplant. He then resubmitted a claim in 2013. My father passed away this June 25, 2014. He has a claim in with the VA that is active without a decision yet. I understand that if and when a Vet dies the claim dies. Is this true? Also if it is or isn't what should I do since I am his daughter and his executor to proceed with this claim?

    Thank you so much for your help

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    Our condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Dad. It's sad that he had such a battle to face and the VA failed him.

    The VA does not pay estates or other family members on "Compensation" claims. The only person who would be potentially eligible would be your Mom if your Dad's claim was approved and he was rated by the VA, she might be eligible for DIC - Death Indemnity Compensation when the veteran dies due to service-connected issues.

    Again, thoughts with you and your family.

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