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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maven, Sep 5, 2017.

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    My MIL who was receiving the max A&A benefit and has already received her retroactive benefits had a stroke recently and is in her final days.My husband who was appointed her fiduciary will be left with bills owed to the skilled nursing facility where she was, the one she has been moved to after the stroke , the medical transport required to move her and her cremation expenses.She has no estate whatsoever, no house , no money nothing. My question is can we make any claim to VA for final illness and burial expenses if at the time of her death they have no retroactive benefits held for her?

    Thanks for always coming through with great help!
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL, Maven. Most of the benefits that I know of pertain to the death of a veteran, not the spouse of a veteran. If your MIL had not received any retroactive benefits yet and was still waiting for the fiduciary process to happen then this is what my advice is:

    If applicant dies before accrued funds after fiduciary process are awarded, the primary son/daughter or another family member can file for any expenses that they paid for on deceased's behalf and are entitled to reimbursement. If son/daughter or another family member did not pay expenses, then they are not entitled to the back monies that were being held prior to Fiduciary appointment.

    Only list what expenses were made on behalf of the veteran/spouse for care on this form.
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    So if the fiduciary has been appointed and retroactive benefits have already been paid prior to death of the beneficiary and there are no funds being withheld by the VA at the time of death there are no "Accrued Benefits" to apply for, correct?

    So even though my husband will be financially responsible for paying for his mothers last illness and burial expenses there is nothing more that we can expect from the VA?
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    I do not believe so, unfortunately. If your MIL was a veteran there would be more options for burial expenses but since she is the spouse there are not so many.

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