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    So, I believe my advice was correct - in NC, the VA pension is not considered income in the month of receipt (very clear in the NC regs) and lump sum payments from non-income programs are not counted as a resource until the following month. In many states, you apply for A&A and then someone erroneous tells you to cancel out because your parent has gone to a nursing home and is spending down - but if that lump sum payment is needed - for debts or say a funeral. comfy chair for the applicant's room or dental work etc, let it come in and have a plan to spend it within your states limits. In states like NC, you can get your back pay and contiune with your $90 - just spend it in time. This is a response to the NC question only, not the living in the community post that follows.
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    Is there any documentation (electronic copy or link) explaining the reduction of A&A to $90 once the Vet or Veteran's dependent goes on Medicaid?

    I have been asked to provide that documentation to the Medicaid rep as we wait for instructions from the VA to return all but $90 from the A&A benefit. In the meantime that money that is not her's is causing her bank balance to exceed the max of $2,000.

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    I am not aware of a link to suggest to you, but there may be something on the VA's website referencing it. Although it may not be written in language easily understood.

    You may be better off calling the VA and asking them for assistance in clarification on it.

    If anyone on the forums has already encountered this issue, hopefully they will step up and share.
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    FYI - information is on the EVR instruction form.
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    Excellent! (Sorry, I should not have posted this question twice. A more complete answer is provided elsewhere.)
    Thank you both!


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