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    My 86 year old father got the wonderful news yesterday that he was approved for the pension...almost 8 months from start to finish. He will receive $1,717/month and will receive retro. payments back to March 1, 2012..Here are the basics.....

    Mid-February we filed a letter of intent with the VA.
    On April 16th our completed application was received by the St. Paul processing Center.
    On May 30th, the VA told me that his application was in the 'development stage'.
    On August 28, was told that he was still in the 'development stage'.
    On Novemeber 20th was informed that on the 19th of November his file moved to the decision phase and was being reviewed by the 'rating team'.
    On December 1st, my Dad received his award letter, dated November 29th.

    There was minimal correspondence from the VA during the process, with the exception of a few 'we are still working on your claim' letters and two requests for more information..information I had already sent, but nevertheless sent again, of course!

    One of the best pieces of advice I read here was to fill out form 21-2680, Physicians Statement, myself. I did this for two of my Dads' Dr.'s, giving them the option to review and sign the one already filled out, or do it themselves. Both were fine with signing mine. I described Dads health issues accurately, but more importantly, in the verbiage I knew the VA was looking for.

    Interestingly, my Dad resides in a Holiday Property. We owe them a debt of gratitude because if not for their heads up, we would have been unaware of this benefit. Unlike some folks' experience, there was no guarantee of approval or deferral of rent pending the award. My Dad does have a caregiver come in twice daily, however, and I believe that is because of this expense, that he qualified for the benefit. His monthly income is approx. $1,400 (Social Security), and the in-home caregiver costs approx. $1,500 per month, bringing his monthly income to a negative. (We opted to have him live in Independent Living and bring in home health, as opposed to having him in Assisted Living, for location and logistical reasons).

    We could not have done this successfully without Debbie and these forums. I learned so much here from her and all of the other posters. We will, of course, be contributing....thank you! ;D
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    Hi and Merry Christmas! Great job on the application and approval. I have a question, did you apply for Aid and Attendance since your father has a caregiver coming to his residence? ;)
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    So happy for you and your dad that you made it thru the process. :)
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    Thank you VetWife!....and I see that congratulations are in order to you as well....I'm so happy for you and your hubby!...

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you TryingToHelp! I'll try to answer your question...
    My Dad was living by himself until last January when he fell ill and was hospitalized for a month. It was then that we realized that he could no longer live on his own. The Independent Living facility where he is now living was perfect, however, he needed additional assistance with bathing and a catheter, etc. We knew that this all added up to a great cost, and with his limited income and savings (approx. $60,000), he would soon be out of money. Hence the application for the VA benefit....and thank goodness for it.

    In his approval letter, there was no mention of his rent to his Independent Living facility being a consideration. It is my belief that that expense is not countable and were it not for his home health costs he would not have been eligible. I can't state that for sure, I know that some have gotten this benefit in the past living in such facilities with no additional assistance.

    Hope this answers you question. If not, let me know!
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    Please just include that he receives help from a health care professional in his home. I won't guarantee that this will help, but the worst thing that could happen is a "no" from the VA! ;)
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    What great news!!! It is so nice to see the excitement and joy this brings to families for their loved ones!!! I'm glad for you in your application and SUCCESS!!

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