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    WE ARE BLESSED.... Dec 14 '09 received the VA Award Letter for my Uncle & Aunt. We began the process about July 1 of 09 and VA received our initial package on Sept 3 '09. They responded back by Oct. 3 for more info and some of the same info I had originally sent. I was right back at them within their 30 day window with all the info w/ a table of contents, pkg. bound in folder with "highlighted" info by Nov. 3. I also added a cover letter from me stating the EXACT circumstances & health of my Uncle & Aunt and asking for their immediate consideration. Also stating that I had submitted ALL in the information available. YAHOOO -- My husband brought in the mail and I saw the Dept of Veterans envelope. I had to sit down. YAHOOO... to succeed is a great feeling when you are up against the Federal Government. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE ... WE ARE BLESSED FOR OUR HARD WORK.

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