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    I'm a Vietnam Vet and my father is WWII Ex-POW 88 years old with a 90% disability but receives 100%. The VA Hospital he goes to held him and called myself and sister telling us he has dementia and must be placed in a facility the VA will pay for. Two weeks after he entered that facility I had a call from a VA Social Worker who spoke with my father. She said he can shave, shower, and eat on his own so he doesn't fit the criteria to stay at that facility. She said we would have to find a place for him and he would have to be responsible for the costs. He can't remember our names and is confused most of the time.

    Any help or clarifications you can give would be more than appreciated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    You need to call her back and tell her that the Dementia qualifies him as he needs to be in a protective area and does not have the mental capacity to handle his affairs and needs suprervision.

    The VA would rule him mentally incompetent due to the diagnosis of dementia, and if he were to go to a private facility, he would get the full award.

    This person needs an education in the qualifers of Aid and Attendance.
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    I thank you for your response. The VA Hospital did all kinds of tests on my dad and showed us brain x-rays and other tests pointing out why he had dementia. I applied for Guardianship and Custodianship at the VA's request. The Court sent a woman out do verify all the tests were correct and to evaluate my dad. She found everything to be as the VA stated and the court granted me temporary guardianship. There were two social workers involved. The first one was at the VA Hospital and was the person who worked with the doctor to place my father in the fully paid by the VA facility. The second social worker appeared on the scene as I described in my post and she also said it would be best to have my dad in a key pad facility as that was a concern of hers. This second social worker who made this decision is an nice person and seems to have made every effort to help me. Also she seems to feel uncomfortable with the decision which leads me to believe somebody over her made a decision she doesn't fully support, but that is just an opinion. They have given us 3 to 4 weeks to get my father moved out.

    I have a Veterans Service Office in the county in which my father is located and he's in looking into this. He is wants the VA Supervisor, over the Social Worker, to show him the law their standing on in writing.

    I would be grateful for anything else you could think of.
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    I have reached out to a VA source of mine, and will let you know his input as soon as I hear back from him. He is a very busy man, and it is Sunday, so it may be a day or two, but did let him know it was time sensitive.
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    Thanks so much. Please don't forget he's getting $2924 a month disability for what I described above.
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    I have sent you an email, but for others here, I do want to share in part the answer to your question

    As I suspected, someone does not know what they are talking about.

    Per my source who was a VA Service Officer for 25 years, and now does appeals for vets who are denied said the following:

    “This question is a very simple one and one that I am surprised that the County Service Officer did not already know about. The veteran is entitled to the nursing home care under two options. He is entitled due to being a former POW and also entitled by being a veteran with a service connected disability rating over 70%. There should be no debate or questions regarding this vet.”

    I hope this helps, and please let me know how things turn out.
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    If he is receiving 100% comp, he can't get pension with a&a...
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    You simply complete the VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim stating the he now requires the assistance of others for his day-to-day living. You do not have to complete the application process. You will also need the medical form 21-2680 from his Dr stating his need for assistance.
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    There should be a POW Expert in the Regional Office who will talk to you about this. You should be given access to this person by way of their telephone number for POW Veterans. If not, you should contact the Regional Office and ask for their POW person and discuss this. This is NOT the way the VA Regional Office you are working with should be doing business. If you get no satisfaction, I'd ask to talk to the Regional Office Director.
    That's MY Opinion!

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