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    In the spring of 1992, I went to the local courthouse to see the VSO there to file for disability. The man who I call "unable" gave the a bunch of papers to fill out. I did and returned them to him the next day.
    When I didn't hear anything for six months, I went back to him and he said that he had lost them and I had to start over. I redid the paperwork and returned it to him the next day. To save typing, this kept happening for 3, yes 3 years. The last time I went to see him, he denyed that I had ever been there. That cost me three years of payments.
    I went to the VSO at the Out Patient Clinic and he also gave me the papers (same ones) and I returned them the next day. He, Steve, filed them the SAME day. As usual, it was denied and I appealed. It was denied again because of lack of proof that I had ever been in Laos, how can I prove something that was never recorded anywhere because it was covert.
    I then went to the local Vet Center to talk to the VSO there. I didn't know that it even existed until then. The VSO had them REOPEN my claim, again denied. Now it is being re-appealed AGAIN.
    I've been confirmed with PTSD by an independent doctor as well as three VA doctors.
    I'm at wits end as what to do next. After 5 years, I'm going crazy with worry.
    Does anyone have an opinion as to how far back the pay will go, IF it's finally approved. Thanks for listening.
    God Bless and be safe, brothers and sisters
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    Hello there,

    I am so sorry about your situation. It is sad and appalling that you have been without the benefits you deserve, and for so long. My heart goes out to you and I pray that you will get the help you need.

    I'm sorry that I don't know enough about the VA to give you any advice. You may want to email the founder of this site, Debbie (you can contact her through the home page). She seems leke a compassionate and knowledgeable person who should be able to help you out.

    Please do not give up. There are people who care. Please post again, maybe under another topic. Best of luck to you my friend.

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    What did the VA base their denials on? Who filed the appeal and what was it based on? There's just too many unknowns at this point to even make a guess at the effective date. Did you request a DRO (Decision Review Officer) review or go the traditional route with the BVA? All of this must be taken into consideration.

    I think the VSO at the courthouse and the Out Patient Clinic failed to provide the proper service to you and may end up costing you some money. I doubt if their job description is just to pass out forms. They are the ones who should be completing and submitting the forms for you. Since they are public servants and paid by the taxpayers, you should be able to obtain a copy of their job description and possibly file a lawsuit against them.

    If you have copies of the paperwork that was submitted or copies of the denials, I will be happy to review them and give you some additional suggestions or recommendations. If the appeal was not completed properly, you could be waiting for another couple of years and get the same determination.

    The VA plays on wording and they count on the veteran and widow not knowing the rules and regulations. Unfortunately a lot of VA employees don't follow their own rules and regulations.
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    I forgot to say thank you for the help and hope all of you have given me.
    God Bless and be safe,
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    Sorry that I haven't posted anything for so long.
    Just a short update.
    Reopened my case twice, denied twice. I'm now going to get a lawyer to fight for me.
    I don't know any other way to go.
    Thanks to all

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