worried !! is rep legitimate ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by daughter2mom, Jul 23, 2010.

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    attended an "Aid and Attendance" presentation at an assisted living community to see about benefit for my mother. This man presents at all the Brook Assisted Living communities . Is this common ?? He will file your paperwork for the VA. States doesn't get paid or any compensation for this ?? So how does he make a living ?? Anyone familiar with this ?? Anyone went this route ?? Please help need info qickly as need to move mother into assisted living in next few weeks and have to commit by 8/1 . I know the VA money won't be approved for several months but worried about not getting approved as filing out paperwork Mother may have to much asset. Help
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    He or "they" have an arrangement with the ALF for anyone they get approved for residence, and for the most part these groups are "financial" groups looking to sell anunnities. They have flooded the market with showing up at ALFs and looking for folks who need to move money around in order to qualify, while overlooking those who this pension was designed for and who are in the greatest need of it.

    If time is critical for you and you need someone who is trust worthy and not putting on "presentations", I would highly recommend you contact Patty at ElderBenefitsConsulting.com to discuss your options for assistance.
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    I would also suggest talking with someone at a local Veterans Service Organization (i.e. VFW, American Legion, etc) or with your local County Veterans Service Officer. These groups are recognized by VA as organizations that can act as your/her representative and have reputations of honesty and integrity. Not to mention they know their way around the application process.

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