Working through A&A first application using form 21-526

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    Two initial questions:
    1) Part VIII provides the opportunity to show all income (SS for both my mom and dad, also the non-military pension my dad receives monthly). Part X seems to be the spot to place all expenses, but it is written like only one-time medical expenses are to be listed. Where do I place their monthly assisted living payment, medication management monthly charge, health insurance premiums, Medicare monthly charges and Rx charges??

    2) Worked my way through page 10, and then come across what looks like a new form 21-4142 dealing authorization and consent to release information. Do these last two pages need to be filled out and sent in with all my other stuff??

  2. KAplan

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    Good Morning all,

    Has anyone had a chance to review these two questions? I have been trying to call the VA each day now for a week with no response.
    Need help with the expense stumbling block!

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    Enter 21-8416 in the Search engine in the upper right side of this page.You should be able to get all your answers
    on medical expenses...

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