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  1. VAlibrarian

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    I've spent the past couple of days preparing the 21-526 application form online at the VONAPP website. Now, I read that you advise that everything should be snail-mailed to the regional office return receipt. Should I scrap the online application and start all over? ???
  2. vetadmin

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    VONAPP will process the application for "compensation" and not "pension" along with the fact you are limited in what you can submitt through it that are requried documents. You can't submit a 21-2680, 21-0779, or 21-8416. Same thing with a DD214, so the answer is mail it to the proper pension center for the veteran's/spouse's state.
  3. Max

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    VONAPP does cover pension, however it does not allow you to submit to submit the supplementary documents Debbie just cited. You can submit the VONAPP online, but you will have to submit the other docs via mail.

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