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Discussion in 'Fiduciary questions' started by JennA10194, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. JennA10194

    JennA10194 Newbie

    Should I apply for the fiduciary before doing anything else, including intent to file a claim? Since I'm my dad's POA can I sign that document or do I just wait for the fiduciary to be assigned before doing anything?

    Thanks, Jen
  2. Kaylin

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    Hello Jen,

    No, you do not apply or do anything at all regarding the fiduciary process until the VA makes a ruling that the applicant needs a fiduciary. Wait until they make this ruling before you mention anything about it. Just move forward with the Intent to File. The VA also does not recognize POA, but you can use form 21-0845 to authorize yourself as the third party. If your father cannot sign the forms, I recommend using this blog post to proceed with him "signing it" in another manner.

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