Which Form 21-526 to file?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Caroliso, May 12, 2011.

  1. Caroliso

    Caroliso Jr. Member

    I just got a letter from the VA responding to the intent to file letter I sent March 7. The form they sent me to fill out is VA Form 21-526 Jan 2004. Meanwhile, I've been working on Form 21-526 Sep 2009, which I must have downloaded from somewhere. It would seem that I should be working on the later update (Sep 2009), but then why would they send me a form that has been replaced? Some of the fine print on the Sep 2009 form reads (This supercedes January 2004 form.

    The forms look like the cover the same material (I haven't compared question by question) but the formatting is different.
  2. Caroliso

    Caroliso Jr. Member

    Further to the above post: One difference between the forms is that the Sep 2009 one says if Vet is over 65 s/he does not need to submit medical records unless s/he is housebound. The Jan 2004 says the same thing bout over 65 but does not give the exception of if the Vet is housebound.
  3. Fit2009

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    Use the most recent one and follow the instructions from this site - you need medical expense report for A&A pension no matter what your age is.
  4. Caroliso

    Caroliso Jr. Member

    thanks for responding, using the most recent form makes sense to me too. I just couldn't understand why the actual VA response would include the older form.

    my question about medical records wasn't about medical expenses, which I know I have to include, but about the physician report describing the degree to which he is disabled. Since the more recent form requests that if the person is housebound, which my dad is, I will include.
  5. Max

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    To be honest, the 2004 form is better. When they designed the 2009 form, there were quite a few glaring problems with it. For example, it doesn't ask for the name of the veteran's spouse anywhere and there is a question that asks about other monthly income but uses interest and "one-time payments" as examples. I would use the 2004 form. In either case it isn't a huge deal, the 2004 form is just more complete.
  6. Fit2009

    Fit2009 Sr. Member

    Sorry I meant Physician's evalaution no matter the age.

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