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    I am attempting to help my g.mother. I have called the local American Legion in our area trying to get help with all these forms. when i called they said they didn't know when the man would be in and i asked if i could leave a message and he said yes. he said that the man may or may not get the message. If anyone can help please respond. thanks in desprate need of help. kim
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    Welcome and we hope you will find the support and resources here to help your grandmother.

    While it can be intimidating and a daunting task, everything that you need to make this application can be found on the site and these forums.

    As the surviving spouse you will use VA for 21-534, which is available on the home page as are all the other forms that you need. Look at the "How to Apply" tab to guide you through this along with step-by-step directions for filling out the application.

    Our recommendation would be to use the resources here rather than going back to your American Legion. Many of this facilities are not as knowledgeable, and just based on what you were told, about someone not getting your message does not bode well for you finding the proper support you will need to get through this process.

    Be sure to read the personal stories on this forum for many helpful insights. If you run into something you are not sure about look for the answer here.

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