Where do I start, my uncle needs to be in a Nursing Home VA Vet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lorisf, Mar 20, 2011.

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    I don't know where to start. My Aunt and Uncle live near Jackson, MISS and I am in California. My Aunt can no longer take care of my Uncle. He has dementia and is becoming violent. He is in the hospital right now and I want to search to see where and who I should contact about getting him into a senior assist or nursing home near their home in Mississippi.

    Is there a specific number to call at the VA? I saw the list of homes in that area covered by the VA. I don't know anything about his benefits but my aunts says she cannot afford a non VA care.
    Where do I start and what do I need to know. Sorry for being really vague I want to help her and just don't know where to start.

    Thank you.
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    He does not need to go into a VA home, and can explore the otpions at all the Assited Living Facilities in ther area that will be meet their needs. Is your aunt planning on moving with him, or will be just him?

    A great place to start, is reaing through the site to understand this pension and the application process. You can then come back and get additional information and anwers.

    This is a process that can be frustrting so you will need to be prepared for that.

    More than likely what needs to be done now is to get your hands on all the necessary supporting documents that are required to go in with this applicaiton.

    It's all here on the site and fourms, so be patient, in learning what needs to be done.

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    If it's ok with Debbie for me to post this link,


    it is a place to start looking.
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    Thanks Debbie. I will look for the documents and get them to my aunt, who won't be living with him.
    vbcoder- thanks for the link, I've booked market it only problem that would be over two hour drive for my aunt to visit him. I would like to find something closer, but will keep that one too.
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    You can do a search on the home page of the site in the Senior Care Directory to see if there is something closer. If not, do a google search for "A Place For Mom" They work with all the ALF's in the country. One of these should help you find something that will be close enough.
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    I just wanted to share my findings incase someone else comes here searching with a similar situation.

    I went to the VA home page, went to the phone number/contact page and called the Health Care Benefits number- 877-222-8387, listen to the options, then pressed "0" to speak to someone.
    This is what the person I spoke to told me-
    If already/currently enrolled with VA benefits then you go to the nearest "preferred" VA center - give them your zip code and they can tell you which one is facility is "preferred" nearest you.
    Then go to that facility and see a Social Worker- they will assist in finding you or your loved one a nursing home, home care or all long term services within your area that is right for your situation and coverage. You could search which are covered by the VA yourself but it might take more time to do on your own.

    If you are not enrolled with VA benefits already then you will need to fill out the
    1010.EZ form and provide a copy of the persons DD214 discharged service papers. You can get the form from the website or pick one up from a VA facility. Once you fill out the form best to bring back to the social worker along with the DD214 papers or make copies and mail them. The process takes 7-14 business days in which a you will receive a letter determining if you are eligible for these benefits.

    In my uncles case he is not enrolled so I gave this info to my aunt and thankfully she has a copy of his DD214. He is at a extended care facility for now and has a month their with his current benefits which will expire and will do not cover long term care.

    This information may already be on the forum but I thought I would share incase it is not.

    Thank you for your help. best wishes, Lori
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    Hi Lori,
    It can also be helpful to ask for a catestrophically disabled exam - which should result in him being rated Priority group 4 and therefore a higher priority for facility care.

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