Where do I start? my father is moving in so we can take care of him

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Where do I start? my father is moving in so we can take care of him

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    Where do I start? my father is moving in so we can take care of him, he is 87 years young, takes care of himself in most ways, can't keep up with the house duties etc: what do I need to do to get VA help? thanks
  2. vetadmin

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    Dad needs to be able to show his "need" for assistance with his day-to-day care/living.

    If he does require assistance, then he needs to be paying either you or outside care services in order to demonstrate a financial need for the pension to offset the cost of his care.
  3. care4vets

    care4vets Newbie

    Hi CaptainCarl,
    This Thread might be helpful: http://www.veteranaid.org/forums/index.php/topic,1814.0.html

    My friend is legally blind and lives alone, but we were able to demonstrate that she could not safely live alone without the regular aid & attendance of others. Since your father is moving in with you, as VetAdmin stated, you need to describe the type of assistance he will be receiving from you. Search for "Attendant Affidavit" for more info on how to report this. (The claimant does not have to be bed-ridden to qualify, but the VA needs a very clear and detailed description of needed assistance). Be sure his physician lists any and all infirmities and how they require assistance from others on the Medical Examination Form.

    Be sure to see the Top Threads on each Forum Category on how to get started on this journey.

    Quick tip: be as detailed as possible in his application, (doctor on) Medical Exam form, Attendant Affidavits, any Statements of Claim, etc. The more details, the better. Be sure to keep logs of Medical Expenses. If there are any Medical Expenses you have a question about (such as Adaptive Equipment, Home Improvements for Safety, Vitamins, Nutritional Needs, Filtered Water, etc., go ahead and have a Physician write a prescription or a statement declaring them to be a medical necessity, if applicable. Otherwise, if the VA has a question about an Expense, you could be slowed down several months).

    I wish you the best!

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