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  1. My dad sent in the application in January, 2012. He sent more information requested by the VA at the very beginning of May. How long should he wait before asking for an update? I assume July or August is too soon to start asking his senator to check into things, since he just sent stuff back in May? How long should he wait? Thanks!
  2. vetadmin

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    By the end of this month, the VA should be able to give you an update on his status since you have provided additional information.

    Not time yet to contact his Senator.
  3. DennyJD

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    I did not contact the local congressman until I was into the 7th month. I think the general consensus is it takes from 4 to 6 months for the VA to act on information provided them. Once I did contact my congressman, it took an additional 60 days to get an answer.

    From the initial point in time I was waiting for a decision, I did get a letter from the VA every 60 days stating they were still working on it and what phase it was in.

    You can also go online and go to


    and ask for a status, they will get back to you in 5 business days.

  4. Jimmylinn

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    Dennydj Did you get a status report within the 5 days stated on web site?
  5. DennyJD

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    I believe that I asked for a status three times. The first two, I received a status in about 3 days. The last one, at about 6 months and just before I contacted my congressman, I got the response almost exactly at 5 days after submitting the request. Short answer, yes I did.
  6. vetwife

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    May I ask what box you selected where it asks who is inquiring?
    The vet, on behalf of the vet, etc.
    I may use that to check status for my husband.
    Like when you call they must have the third party authorization.
  7. Jimmylinn

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    I went to the web site and tried it kept having all these dropboxes and I really didn't know which one to pick. I got an answer back but it was from Champva telling me to try aid and attendance. So could you post which ones you chose. Thanks
  8. Jimmylinn

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    I went back and tried it again I think I got it sent to the correct place this time. Thanks
  9. DennyJD

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    The person making the online inquiry must be the same person that is identified on the 3rd party form. On one of my inquiries, they came back and asked for the answer to the security question when I filled out that form (forget the number offhand)...

  10. vetwife

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    Thanks very much for your reply Denny. :)
    That is exactly what I was wondering.
    I have the third party auth. for my husband.
    Also, it says that they cannot return certain info through e-mail.
    Did they give you a status by e-mail or did you specify phone or mail?

    Thanks again,
  11. Thanks! I'll try to be more patient.
  12. Thanks for the link! He is signed up for the DoD login. It is still stuck in the first status, ugh. I figure on giving it until September before we start really pushing (it will be 8 months from application, then).

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