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    Thankfully, we were able to receive the A&A benefit for my father, the veteran, and my mother several years ago. In December my mother started hospice and two weeks after that my father passed away.

    Mon is home. She is bed-bound and is being cared for by my sister with the help of caretakers. My mom is declining because of dementia, but is still physically strong.

    The VA filed an intent to file for my mother after the A&A was terminated. My dad collected a small pension, which my mother is the beneficiary and I have been waiting since January to hear back from them regarding the pension. Since I am her POA, I believe their own process of granting me that status has delayed the award even further.

    Any way, I am waiting for the pension information in order to apply for the A&A for my mother. Should I continue to wait for the official notification from the pension company or is there anything I can do now? Since we are paying over $5,000 a month for caretaking, I would like to get this process going as soon as possible. Any suggestions?
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    Hello chrstna446,
    My condolences on the loss of your father.

    I am unclear--what are you waiting to hear back regarding this pension? And to clarify, this is not a pension through the VA?

    Fill us in a little further and we'll try to help.
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  3. chrstna446

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    Thank you for you condolences, Jandy.

    I'm sorry I was not clear. I'm waiting for payment and something official from the pension my mother will be receiving from my father's place of employment. This would be counted as income once they start paying, but at this point I don't know when that will be. It could still be a few months from happening. I want to get the Aid & Attendance application submitted right away, but this seems to be my missing puzzle piece.
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    My condolences as well, chrstna446.

    So you did submit an Intent to File for the A&A pension for your mother after your father passed away? If that is the case you can go ahead and submit the full application with all of the information you know as far as her expenses and income. You can always update the VA on any additional income she receives either during the processing of the application or after it is awarded to your mother. If your mother is 90 years old or older you can request the application process be expedited due to her advanced age.

    You can also just call the VA and ask for an update on the pension from your father's employment place. Might take a few calls to get the answer you want, but it might help?
  5. chrstna446

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    Thank you for the response. I wasn't sure if I was creating more problems if I sent my application, knowing the reported income will change. I'll get going on this.
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  6. Kaylin

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    You're welcome! Depending on how badly you need the A&A benefit to help pay for her care - that will help you determine how soon you should apply.
  7. chrstna446

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    At this point it is all a guessing game. Mom is not doing well, but it is so hard to tell if she will outlive the money she has now. She's a fighter, so I have to go on the assumption she'll be here longer than I think. I don't want to wait until the last minute, since the money does seem to be evaporating quickly.
  8. Jandy

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    I think that is wise--you just never know what will happen. Please keep us posted and let us know if you have questions as you work your way through the process.

    I wish you and your mother the very best.
  9. chrstna446

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    Thank you Kaylin & Jandy for your support.

    I do have one question:
    As I mentioned above, my sister is the full time caregiver, but we also pay an agency to help with my mother. I know we need to have a Caregiver's Agreement for my sister, but what kind of documentation do I need for the agency? Would a statement of account suffice or do I need to provide some kind of agreement between our family and the agency? We are not committed to the agency and can quit any time (not that we would), so I am not sure what the VA would require?

    P.S. I do believe we have a copy of an agreement with the agency, but it does not commit us to a set weekly or monthly dollar amount, like our agreement with my sister. The agreement is for an hourly rate.
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  10. Kaylin

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    You can ask the agency if they have any sort of caregiver contract they can provide for you that does have the monthly/weekly amount and time. A copy of it, at least. There is an example of a caregiver contract I will also past below if you wanted to create your own to print out and send in.


    This CARE SERVICES AGREEMENT documents the prior verbal agreement and/or understanding made by and between the Client (the person requiring care services) and the Caregiver (the person providing care services) of said agreement.

    Services are to include the following itemized services and any others deemed necessary or desirable for the health and well being of the Client.
    · Monitoring health status to include physical and emotional condition. Coordination of doctors' appointments, transportation to appointments, consulting with doctors, keeping prescriptions up to date, picking up prescriptions, organizing and administering all medications.
    · Securing health care professionals, doctors, nurses, and home care providers as necessary.
    · Assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, and health care as needed.
    · Assessing personal needs and desires as to social, physical, entertainment, hobby, and personal pursuits as needed and or/requested by Client.
    · Assisting with instrumental daily activities to include care of pets and securing the home regarding "safety" measures as needed.
    · Financial management including weekly and monthly bill paying, daily money management, and taking care of other financial matters.
    · Dealing with other third parties to coordinate matters detailed herein.
    · Safeguarding client's rights with regard to benefits and other programs client is entitled to.
    · Manage and run home by providing all following services and any others necessary for a well-maintained home environment: planning, cooking, and serving all meals, cleaning, laundry, transportation, errands, shopping, lawn care, landscape maintenance, and minor home repairs.
    The weekly or monthly compensation paid to the Caregiver is subject to change at any time as agreed between the Client and the Caregiver. The initial arrangement is as follows.
    Hours/Days: Full time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day
    Compensation: $amount a month
    ____________________ ____________________
    Dated Client

    _______________________ __________________________
    Dated Caregiver

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