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  1. johnblagg

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    filled out the evr this spring used the info for the dates they asked for ....now they say that was the wrong timeframe and want us to redo it.
    Now they want from Nov 2009 to dec 2010 and from jan 2010 to dec 2010 is this a screw up by them on the requested time periods or what?I realy dont want to send in another one just to have them do the same thing again...
  2. johnblagg

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    so I call today and find out that the letter "according to the guy on the phone" has got the wrong dates on it and they want a A,B,C report november 23 to december 31st 2009 ....jan 1st 2010 to dec 1st 2010 and then dec 1st 2010 to dec 31st 2010.....Does this sound right at all or am I being fed a line of crap here? Each time frame a seperate medical cost form?
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    When I have seen ABC reports it is generally so the VA can figure out if they owe you money and its in the Award letter - and they pay you whichever indicates more money A+B or B+C...coming off an EVR, I would say you better make sure you got the medical expenses and interest income figures correct in the original EVR - take a look at what you listed in the original application, did your estimate of any income and medical expenses change significantly from the orginial app? Make sure you didn't leave assisted living or any other medical expense that was in the original.
    Good Luck
  4. johnblagg

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    all turned out just fine ...with th ehelp of the local vetrans originazition here it was filled out as they requested the second time around and was no problem at all just got the letter a week ago saying it was ok
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    Glad it all ended up working out for you!

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