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    Hi Everyone!
    What now? I have sent in all my paperwork (in March) This was after moving my mother from an independent living facility to an assisted care facility. The cost of this facility was $4100/month. I say "was" because she deteriorated so fast in the 5 weeks she lived there that we had to move her again. She had a TIA, and now has diagnosed full blown Lewy Body Dementia, complicated by her complete immobility due to bad knees. We moved her straight from the hospital to a directed care, licensed group home in Arizona. The cost for full care here is $5000/month. She has no assets other than SS and my sister pays all of this out of pocket.
    What updated information needs to be submitted?
    1.) Address
    2.) New diagnosis of dementia (or wait until claim is awarded?)
    3.) Cost of new facility (would not change award as it is more than last facility)
    4.) Will all this delay the process?
    5.) Should I wait on all of this, as they will forward mail for 90 days and if we were lucky, pension might be awarded

    She is 87 years old and on a fast downward trajectory, so hope this happens sooner than later, just don't want to do ANYTHING that would slow this down. Thanks as always for the excellent input!
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    If you can hold on until the claim is awarded, it would be easier to update info after the fact, however, since her situation and residence has changed, you can do a 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim giving them all this updated information along with requesting expediting her application due to age and "financial hardship".

    Whoever is paying the additional money for her care needs to keep a good accounting of what they are paying out of pocket, and it is recommeded that you draw up an informal agreement between them and your mom stating the money is a loan pending her approval of this pension. By doing this, you will have grounds to go back on to show that her income is not enough to cover her monthly expenses of care.

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