What is type of claim to list on Form 21-534EZ

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    In completing the 21-534EZ form for my Mother to get Aid & Attendance, I don't know what box to check for question 16 (What are you claiming?). Is it DIC or Death Pension or Accured Benefits. Sorry if this has been asked a bunch...I searched and couldn't find it.

    Also, because my Mom is in an ALF, does the facility have a specific form to complete?

    thank you!
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    Hi AghelpingMom,
    Welcome! To answer your questions:

    --You are applying for "Death Pension" when applying for Aid & Attendance.

    --You will need a Nursing Home Status Statement (just mark through every instance of Nursing Home and write Assisted Living Facility or ALF above it). A list including this and other required documents can be found on the veteranaid.org site here: http://www.veteranaid.org/apply.php

    I understand a Statement of Occupancy from the ALF is also needed (to be honest, I'm not sure why--much of the info in such a Statement seems to overlap with the Nursing Home Status Statement I just linked to). But in any event, ask you mother's ALF about it. In my case, my father's ALF is small and in a small town, so they didn't have this type of form on file. As a result, I drafted & typed one myself for the ALF director to review, sign & date. I had no problem or question from the VA about this approach.

    [ *** One note here for Kaylin or others in the know: is the Nursing Home Status Statement linked to above now considered the replacement document for VA 21-0779? I notice that page 1 of both A&A applications (21-527EZ and 21-534EZ) still refer to the need to submit 21-0779. ]

    AghelpingMom, good luck and keep us posted as you work your way through the process!
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    The 21-0779 can be used in place of the Nursing Home Status Statement but both will get you the same place. Thanks for asking! Good question!
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    Thanks Very much!
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    Thank you for your help!
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    You're welcome!

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