What is the correct form for Dr. to sign & for Assisted Living Statement

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    Me again . . .
    I have 3 forms, all different forms and need to know which is the correct one or more to fill out for A&A. #1 is a Dept. of Veterans Affairs Form 21-0779 - "Request for Nursing home information in connection with claim for aid and attendance"; #2 is "Nursing Home Status Statement", which begins with "This is to certify that _____________ has been a patient . . . " and #3 is "Medical Statement for Aid & Attendance " (2 pages with questions to be answered by Dr.). First question is "Complete Diagnosis:"

    Does anyone know what form or forms I am required to fill out and sign or have signed if my mother is going into Assisted Living and NOT a nursing home? This nursing home vs. assisted living thing is confusing. . .

    Thanks again for any info.

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    I received the medical form for aid and attendance from the VA. However, they didn't send me the form for 13 months. I quickly got her two doctors to give her another evaluation and brought it down to the VA. When I first went down to the VA many, many months ago, I had a lot of medical evidence. (It was all stamped by them. I had them make a copy of everything to give to me.) Last month, they sent me the medical evidence form because they said I didn't have it. I don't know your situation but get someone from the VA to clarify which form you need to send in.
    Hope it helps.

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