What form(s) does the doctor need to generate/sign

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by psanders75, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Hi, my wife is working on A&A application for her mom (wife of a qualified veteran-deceased) and she is doing it with the assistance of a third party. I told her we could do it ourselves with the help of this forum, but she declined. Anyways the third party continues to frustrate me by having my mother in law fill out old versions of the VA forms. I have told them repeatedly that there are new versions (pdf) right on the VA website, but apparently they are a low tech organization. Anyways, my question is they want us to get the doctor to fill out 2 forms which to me look exactly alike. One is the correct one 21-2680 although they are using the 2008 version. The second one is a non-VA form called "VA physicians report for aid & attendance". My question is about the second form. Does that form exist in the eyes of the VA and if so does it need to be filled out when applying for A&A? The 21-2680 seems to cover almost the same information.
    Thanks. Paul
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    I used the May 2015 form with no problems. I did have to fill out a separate form for the nursing home verification.
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    llwright, thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your personal experience with this. I also hope one of the expert admin types will also chime in on this question. Paul
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    The only form we recommend people use that the physician has to use for the applicant and sign off on is the Physician's Statement form 21-2680, as you mentioned. I personally have no experience with the other form they mentioned. If the VA gets the Physician's statement, that is what they need. The other form may just be extra stuff that is not necessarily needed, but I'm not saying it could hurt either. Thank you for also chiming in, llwright!
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    :) thanks Kaylin. Im glad for this site. It helps alleviate alot of the confusion. Paul
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    psanders75 you're most welcome! Glad this website can be of help to you!

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