What does A&A cover?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kbusch, May 22, 2012.

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    Help! My family is new to this forum. We are placing our parents in assisted living within the next couple of months. Currently they are both receiving home care. My Dad is a WWII vet; he has never applied for any VA benefits. Assuming he is counted as eligible for A&A, what do you actually get in the way of money every month? Is there a fixed amount that comes to my dad every month? Or does it go directly to the Assisted Living facility? Or--do you have to submit all your medically related receipts every month, so that the amount varies somewhat? Or--is there some kind of third option we are missing? Many thanks, Karen
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    I am going to suggest that you go back and read through the site to have a better understanding of this pension.

    If awarded the full pension for your Dad and Mom, it is $2020 a month. The money is deposited into the veteran's banking account and not paid directly to the facility.

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