What bills can we use A&A Award for?

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  1. Sperry8

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    My father was recently awarded A&A benefits. He is in an assisted living facility and requires assistance with bathing, dressing, medication management, etc. (He has dementia/alzheimers). I was told when applying that the VA considers this and specifically not the cost of room/board when identifying whether he should receive benefits.

    My question is - now that he's been awarded monies, can the money be used solely to pay for the aides who assist him daily? Or can it also be used towards the room/board portion? Can it be used towards other things, like cable TV, haircuts, etc.?

    It's sort of a moot question at this point since the bills for the aides are more than he was awarded - but I just wanted to understand for record keeping purposes.
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    You can use the money however you need or want to.

    Congratulations on getting through the process.
  3. Sperry8

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    Great news, thank you.
  4. vetadmin

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    You're welcome.

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