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    Thank you for the great information on this site!

    I wanted to share our latest information (my father lives in southern Illinois, moved in March to an assisted living faciliy as my mom has stage 4 Kidney disease and congestive heart failure. I live in Bethesda, MD. I also included forms 21-4142 and 21-22a as recommended by this site. Not sure it helped but did reference both when I spoke to everyone.)...

    I submitted for the Aid & Attendance benefit for my father in April. It was recieved at the VA Regional Office in Chicago on April 7th. I sent it via regular postal service with delivery confirmation (I could track it on USPS.com's site). I called the 800 number to confirm that they had ireceived it but was told it takes 2 weeks for paperwork to be entered into their system. We recieved a letter with File Number shortly thereafter!

    5/1 - called 800 number and was told it could be a minumum of 3 months before anything happens and to follow-up in 6 weeks from the 4/7 date.

    5/19 - called 800 number and was told it was in the system and they had all they need to make a determination. Allow 60 days from 5/1/08. I also called Chicago office to speak with someone there to confirm that all was in order. They called back to say they had everything they needed to make a determination.

    7/7 - I called 800 number and was told that the file was closed. They couldn't tell me anything more. Since I did not know what this meant, I called Chicago and was told that a check was being issued by Treasury on 7/14 and being sent to my father's address.

    7/17 - Mom called to say they receive a check! No letter came with check with explanation of benefits or dates of benefit and no other correspondence from VA has been recieved. The good news is they have received some benefit. How it was determined and for what period is a mystery at the moment. Is this normal?

    I will follow-up on Monday if my parents don't recieve any other correspondence from VA.

    I wanted to let others know. Do your homework by following tips and information posted here. Fill out the paperwork, send it, and then be diligent in your follow-up. Keep a record of every date and who you speak with. If you live in a different region from your veteran, know how to contact the Regional Office.

    Thanks so much,
  2. Good job Karen! You obviously approached this as a "project" and went about it in an organized and systematic way, and your efforts paid off. So happy for you and your folks.

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    What awesome news for you and your family! You did exactly what it takes by keeping copies, following up, making notations of all correspondence and contacts. It just goes to show if you are persistent, and don't give up, the veteran or widow gets their entitlement.

    In answer to your question about not getting a letter with the check, it is not the norm but it is also not abnormal. The award letter with details should follow shortly. If they don't receive the award letter within a couple of weeks, you can request another copy be sent.

    When they said the file was 'closed', it meant that no action is being worked on such as a review or still in processing, that a decision had been made.

    Please be sure to keep all of us updated so that others can learn and benefit from your experience.

    Job well done!

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