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    Update from my original post "Any advice, anyone?"« on: June 08, 2012, 10:15:59 AM »

    Dear Debbie,

    Thanks again for all the incredible work you do. I’ve been reading other posts about people who have had to wait for really extended periods. We still haven’t had any news. I read the post “At Wits End” and a few others, so my sisters and I want to team up and get our congressmen involved now.

    1) What’s the best way to get a senator or representative involved, by email or personal letter? Any tips or a link to somewhere on this site that talks about that?

    2) My husband and I have been sending mom the money she needs to pay for her assisted living facility until she gets her award. Is this going to affect her award? She has no more money, and she mortgaged her house with us acting as lenders (we had her lawyer work up the papers so at least we’ll be getting something back on all the money we’re paying… something which we can’t continue doing much longer, as we have almost paid up the entire amount her house was worth fair market value).

    3) Is there anything else we can do to get things moving along?

    HUGS TO YOU!!!!!
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    You need to "call" the Senator's office and speak with someone. They are going to need you to sign something granting them permission to make an inquiry on behalf of your Mom.

    I hope you are keeping your monies separate and not depositing it into her account. You need to send a separate check for whatever amount you paying showing that it is from your account, so the deposits into her account don't appear that she has some other source of income. In addition to this, if something were to happen, you would want to be able to file against back awards, and if you can't show where you paid expenses for her out of your pocket, it would not be an ideal situation.

    Good luck with your contact, and as always thanks, for the kind words.

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