Waiing but should I addendum an update and filing for mom now

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    My siblings and I filed for our Dad back in July 2012, We have recieved confirmation letter and letter stating his application is still being reviewed. Since then dad has become more dependent and the aid we have coming in for 5hrs is still not enough.Dad falls about once a week. My mom can not help due to her COPD and arthritis limits her abilities. I am now filing an application for her since she finally gave up driving. Dad is 89, mom 83.
    My questions are: should I file an addendum to dads current application stating the deterioration of dad and increased assistance, if so what form should I use.
    For Mom since we are filing 8 months after dad and Dad is still alive, do we put all the financial info for both of them and their medical expenses on moms application or just moms. Its a little confusing since the form seems to be mainly for a widow of the vet and survivors benefits. I have marked yes on question 31 and will submit all the info for survivors benefits.
    Thanks for all the info. This site has REALLY made the process easier.
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    Both of their financial information should have been provided on the original applicaiton. Even though at the time you were only filing for Dad, he needed to include her income as well, and this may cause a delay in processing.

    What you need to do is VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim informing the VA that his monthly expenses have gone up. If assistance is now being provided to your Mom as well, then you also need to inform them the status of the application now needs to be for a veteran with spouse, and not just for the veteran. You do not do a 21-534 as she is not the surviving spouse (widow)

    You will need to have the 21-2680 Phy's eval done on Mom and include that in the package.

    I would advise you that with the changes being made to the applicaiton, and not having disclosed combine monthly incomes on the first go-round, it complicates things, and it may take some doing to get it all straight. They will have to go back and recalculate and consider the application differently. You just need to be prepared for delays.
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    Sorry I was not explicit enough, I did include both of their financial information as well as moms medical bills when i filed dads forms. They both are getting assistance, more for dad. The aid just makes sure mom gets some food and reminds her to take her inhalers. I'm sure i gave everything to the VA for Dad and put it in a binder with tabs for each form and reference. The only thing I did not put in was a MD eval for mom. Which I will collect now since she stopped driving and is needing help herself.
    So should i just use form 21-4138 to update Dads status as well as to have them include mom. Just one form or separate ones?
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    Just do the 21-4138 updating that the applicaiton should be for veteran with spouse, and Mom's 21-2680.

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