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    50 years after my service began, I'd like to use the VA to get an identification card.
    I spent 51 months on active duty (Which is 11% of my working career) Including the 25 months overseas. Now I'm building a house and visiting LOWE'S and Home Depot regularly and can't get the "Veterans Discount". My DD-214 is not enough for them and the VA says I. D. Cards are only for retiree's and the disabled.
    I was lucky and came home intact, physically and mentally, BUT that does not mean I'm not a Veteran.
    Any suggestions as to how to get the I. D. Card and in turn get the 10% off of my building supplies?
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    Personally, I do not know the process required for this. Have you contacted the VA or your DMV? I believe many states do these cards through DMV.

    Thank you for your service.
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    Mountain Man,

    Here is a website that lists many different resources available:

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