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    I am hoping to get some advice. My father will be signing the caregiver affidavits and will need two witnesses. Can one of those be a notary who can notarize the caregiver affidavits? Is that a good idea? Another regular witness will be signing, too.

    My father has dementia and needs assistance in the home. He is bad enough to need visits twice a day when I am not there, but not bad enough to need to be in a facility or assisted living. He is not being hand fed but they have to literally hand him the food and continue to cue him to eat because "meal prep" or any other sort does not work. He had lost weight prior to getting care three years ago with meals on wheels, etc. because he would say he ate but didn't when I was gone. Other issues, too. I am getting paid also as I drive 100 miles to help him out, I am his main caregiver and coordinate and take care of absolutely everything my father needs and when I am not there, I am constantly on the phone either supervising his caregiver's issues with him or talking to a medical personnel, not to mention all his finances, taking care of his house and home. I take him to the doctor, hospital, all errands. It has been set up that all his home care expenses are leaving him in the red about $200/month, sometime a couple hundred more. He will be running out of money shortly and I will be paying for his care out of my paycheck, basically, until we can get this pension.

    The gentleman at my local Veteran's Services says that we don't count his health insurance premiums because it is already taken out of his pension. My father's county Veteran's Services says it does count because it is non-reimbursed. I went through all the trouble having the physician's fill out two types of medical forms, my local Veteran's Service says we only need the one. I also went through the trouble getting statements from social security, his pension, and his medical benefits premiums as proof of income and payments. My local Veteran's says all we need is a bank statement showing a deposit of his paychecks from SS and his pension with the health care premium already deducted. My local Veteran's did say we can count regular routine doctor visits and regular routine medications as an expense.

    I am concerned if they will consider his application incomplete going by most of what my local Veteran's person says all we need. He also said the only ID we need is his discharge papers, no social security card, etc. Last thing we need is a delay. Also, the home care service we employ attached a two page statement description to their affidavit describing my father's needs, is that going to be a problem?

    I am worried also about counting his long term care insurance premium, which is for facilities only. I am wondering if we should submit that at all because they might delay and delay until he is bad enough to need long term care in a facility and his insurance kicks in. Maybe we shouldn't submit that expense or let them know he has it because the goal is for him to stay at home as long as possible. There is a good chance if he stays fairly stable, he can live at home for years. He will probably still need some kind of Veteran's pension supplement in a facility, the insurance is not that great of a benefit.

    This application should have been done last year, but it has been quite hectic, my father has had multiple skin surgeries, my brother died, I suffered some health effects from all the stress. Now he running out of money. The application is going to Wisconsin, we're in Ohio, and he said turn around time is usually a couple of months. But can take up to a year.

    I also hope there isn't any issue justifying my paycheck. My local Veteran's Service says care should be only direct personal care, which I do when I am there, but my goodness, I also do everything else. I just spent 7 hours cutting his 5 acres of grass, I'm sure a lawn service is out of the question. Can I go into description into what I do on the affidavit? The attorney last year said if I were to hire a care manager to do what I do, it would be a lot more than what I am paid.

    I don't know how far they look back at bank statements but I am somewhat concerned a couple of months, his care was less than usual because of my brother's death one month and more surgery the next month in which I was there longer than typical, hence, he didn't need the visits when I was there. I am hoping we are back on track on the budget this month.

    Honestly, I don't know how we're even going to stretch this Veteran's when he hopefully gets it, I know I will be paying for extra expenses regardless of the benefit.

    I wanted to add: I saw a thread where we the copy of his discharge papers needs notarized. His is a copy sent from Veterans three years ago, also with an attached letter saying many records were lost in a fire. Do I get this copy notarized? The Veteran's Services gentleman did not say anything about that.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I am sending you a private message, as this is a lot to try and help you sort through. A phone call would be a lot easier.

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