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    I must say that we did not know about aid & asistance benefits until an employee at a assisted living facility told us of this program. We received a phone number at Broward County Elderly and Veterans Division in Florida. A veteran service officer came out and explained to us the program and what we needed to do. Without that information we would not be where we are currently. I live in Washington State and had to go down to Florida to help my uncle. But after finding out what we needed I was able to handle the paper shuffle through Cell, Fax, email, fedex and USPS. My father did the footwork.
    Where ever you live there are fine veteran service organizations that are in your county or city that will help you but you must go out and get the paper work and footork done. They do not make it easy. I have found out by making many phone calls and going to many websites to different sevice agencies got me the answers I was seeking. You need time, patience and a little moxie to get it done.
    This website gives great information.

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