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  1. I completed the A&A application for my Grandfather and the VA just sent a letter that said they received it August 30th. They asked for a report from a physician about my Grandmother's state of health for an explanation of her need for foster care, for me to fill in a couple of boxes with "0" on one form, and for form 21-8049 to be filled out. This letter was typed on September 9th. My Grandfather died September 7th. What do I do now? He would have qualified easily for this aid, even though it was only since July 5th that we have been paying for assistance for him, and then on August 10th moved him to a foster home. It seems that for the time of July 5th-September 7th he would have received benefits. When I did the application I stated that he was moving in to foster care on August 10th and told them the cost. Do I continue with the application? Form 21-8049 would require my Grandpa's signature so I can't do that one now. My Grandmother is still living, but is completely incapacitated.
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    I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather.

    If applicant passes during the application process prior to funds being released, the son/daughter/granddaughter/grandson or other family member who was helping in the application process is entitled to file against those accrued benefits for expenses associated with the "Last Illness." This is not limited to just the out of pocket expenses incurred for final arrangements not covered by pre-existing arrangements or policies, nor is it for the last ambulance ride.

    Use Form 21-601 Application for Accrued Amounts due a Deceased Beneficiary. It is recommended to include a certified copy of their birth certificate indicating they are a legal heir. They will also need to list all siblings who may also be entitled to file.

    For your grandmother, unfortunately you will have to create a new application for her. Using the 21-534EZ form for her application for Aid and Attendance. It's a shame that the VA has not made the process easier for a widow to receive his/her A&A benefit after their spouse was already in the process of being awarded or had been awarded. But you do need to start over with a new application for her.

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