Vet Reticent To Apply In The Past, w/ Alzheimer's, Spouse Needs Help ..

Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by Richard Mann, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Richard Mann

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    .. Hello.

    … With this thread initiation / inquiry I should say here first, that I'm not in fact the spouse of the Vet suggested within the title to this topic thread, but more a friend working with "her", to try to find some answers to—(Appreciate some, if more general perspectives more otherwise, where considering.) … the [more] basic question of what she might perhaps be prepared to expect / run into perhaps more difficult to deal with ... at a meeting that she's been able to schedule with the VA, for this month on the 18th.

    — With this being my more basic reason for having initiated this thread, in addition, I may also have, both, some additional questions regarding her situation and circumstance more in particular, this along with also perhaps present a bit more detail where looking at her husband's and hers, problem more specific. …. (More logistical, than medical.)
  2. Kaylin

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    Hello Richard, what sort of meeting is she expecting? Do you mean her fiduciary meeting?
  3. Richard Mann

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    Hello Kaylin.

    Appreciate your response here. ..

    "fiduciary meeting. ?" .. Pretty much. ..
  4. Kaylin

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    The fiduciary meeting is what occurs after a veteran and/or spouse has been approved for the Aid and Attendance pension benefit. Is she currently receiving this benefit? This particular website and forums are dedicated to the A&A pension benefit. If it is regarding some sort of other meeting with the VA, this may not be your best place to look for answers.
  5. Richard Mann

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    Hello again Kaylin.

    The meeting had, been about her working to sign up for benefits, for him. This idea, with his having elected not to do so more himself approximately a year ago, and with his being unable to do so more now at this point. .. She's in fact met with them since—as I'd suggested above, on the 18th—if with their having informed her, basically, that she has "too much" money to qualify. ... This, even though there is no way that she can manage (money wise.) what's needed for the care of a person impacted by "Alzheimer's" disease.
  6. Kaylin

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    The asset level for the Aid and Attendance benefit is about $80,000. That does not include a house and one car. If she does exceed this asset limit for her and her husband than she could always send an Intent to File to get her date started for when the retroactive payments would be owed to her if she applies for the benefit within one year of using that Intent to File. This would help if she's spending down her assets quickly to pay for care.
  7. Richard Mann

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    Thanks Kaylin these ideas—more categorically looked at—do in fact help. ..

    — Appreciate your response here.
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