Vet now on Medicaid, VA cutting benefits

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    My Dad has recently been approved for Medicaid. The VA from PA actually called me at HOME! Long and short...when a Vet comes on Medicaid, be sure to send in paperwork along with a copy of the reward letter from the State. Good news, as to the money my Dad owed them, after I did the expense report with back-up, the VA is sending him a check. Bad news, the VA is cutting his benefit from $1,610.00 to $90.00 a month. I am sure after that letter comes, I will be writing the State Medicaid office showing them new figures and hopefully a re-calculation on the Medicaid amount for the nursing home. :eek:

    Quest. What is the normal fee for an attorney to do this work on a monthly basis? MY husband has been diagnosed with CA last month and my life might not be my own, running to appts. and taking care of him through the process. Hoping to maybe get an attorney to handle some of that paperwork. Any ideas?
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    We don't make referrals to attorneys, so that is something you would need to explore on your own.

    Benefit being cut to $90.00 is correct when going on Medicaid. You need to spend that $90 on personal items only and not on care expenses.

    Our condolences on all that you are having to deal with, and hope that you can get everything resolved.
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    Thanks for quick reply... 2015 I going to be a year that tests my strength for sure. Thanks again...
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    "Benefit being cut to $90.00 is correct when going on Medicaid."

    My understanding is that the benefit is reduced to $90 only when a Veteran is both on Medicaid AND in a nursing home, which appears to be the case here.

    Am I correct in my understanding that veterans on A&A who remain at home and obtain Medicaid to supplement home care costs may still receive (properly adjusted) A&A benefits in excess of $90?

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