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    Hi, new caregiver here. I care for my 86yr old vet dad. We have filed for Aid & Attendance, but I have ques about another benefit we are in need of. I attempted to place my dad in the local VA hospital "community center" which is a section of the nursing facility that takes vets in need of Short Term Respite care. I know he's entitled to 30 days a yr, in two week increments. Problem is there are only TWO beds available at any one time, which were booked up when I need them. I did some research, left calls (w/no returns), spoke with VA people and still havn't had my full ques answered about the short term respite benefit and costs, criteria, etc.

    My research made me question as to whether my Dad can receive this Respite benefit in an OUTSIDE, community placing, whether it's a nursing home, Adult Family Care home, or the like. Some info I read seem to say he Could get his respite care this way, and that would be super since the VA home has only two beds, and wer'e are the busiest VA Hospital in the USA (in Tampa). Respite care benefit OUTSIDE the VA system is the question.

    One of the best info sites I found (not local), was the gov't. site:www., with a number to call and find more about benefits. They gave me some info and numbers.
    Please give advice if you know how to answer my ques, or had experience with this benefit. I would probably only use it once a year, shorter than allowed, but a real help when needed.
    Thanks, and all the best - I am sure I will be coming back to this forum for more advice. Deb

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