VA sent a letter to Social Security; Is that normal?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dcgrosie, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. dcgrosie

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    I made it through the application process (without paying someone) and I received the letter of receipt from the VA on October 25. In the mean time I received a letter from Social Security saying that the VA sent a claim to them and Social Security explains that the applicant (mom) is not entitled to any other type of benefit. I am showing no evidence that Social Security sent the VA the same letter.

    Should I send a copy on to the VA or just make a call? I've heard nothing for approximately 2 months. The Social Security letter was dated November 5, 2012.
  2. vetadmin

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    This is confusing and I would call the VA to inquire. Something is not right here.
  3. dcgrosie

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    My ear is glued to the phone.......I was on hold with the VA for 1 hour and 16 min. The gentleman that I finally spoke to had no idea either. He said the VA and Social Security go hand in hand. ????? He said to call the Pension Management Center tomorrow. Think I'll start with social security.

    The only thing I can think of, is that my mom is part of TRS, Texas Teachers Retirement System. Most TRS participants do not pay into Social Security, therefore we do not get to claim Social Security benefits too (even if you paid into the system at one time). I am a teacher and from age 16-35 I paid into social security, but I lose it. I also cannot claim my deceased husband's social security when I turn 65.

    It's insane, but a gut feeling this must be the gliche.

    Is there anyone else from Texas that has a parent that has filed for this VA benefit that is also drawing from TRS? What's sad is that she only gets $600 from TRS.
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    The VA always sends a letter to social security - what that letter most likely means is that the TRS told the VA that because you receive TRS you are not entitled to any other Social Security benefits - it is not to exclude you from VA benefits.

    Just so you know, it is not a crime to pay for a pre-applicaiton analysis and the person who does this all of the time would have been able to tell you to expect that letter given your situation.

    This is not my area of expertise, but If your husband's social security benefit is greater than your TRS, you might be able to give up TRS to get your husbands benefit - don't forget the health insurance benefit when looking into that - it could be that gross TRS is better.
  5. dcgrosie

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    Thank you for your response. Yet, I'm glad I didn't pay anyone to prepare my mom's application....per suggestions from here, but if someone that prepares could have told me the VA always sends a letter to social security, you would think the VA person yesterday would have that knowledge too ????? He was clueless.

    The other thing you misunderstood was that TRS told VA nothing; TRS is not involved with this letter. The letter is from Social Security addressed to my mother. I said there was no indication of where Social Security also sent this to VA and I was wondering if this was typical. According to you it is, but shouldn't this letter have gone to the VA instead of us?

    I called Social Security this morning and they threw it back to the VA. I then called the VA Pension Management Center, as suggested by the VA person yesterday and their system hung up on me. The only way to get through that line is to call after hours and leave a call back number for the next day.
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    There are two types of programs that often get confused with the VA. One is Railroad Pension and the other is Teachers since neither of these pay into SS. When the VA confirms with SS the reported dollar amount from either of these two pensions, it often gets counted as both SS and Pension. This calculation can often cause the applicant to be over the amount to qualify.

    All SS did was to inform the VA that Mom does not get any SS money, so there really is not an issue here. Just wait for the application to be processed, and "if" the VA counts her $600 twice as SS and TRS, you can notify them via a 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim that they have counted it twice. Don't think you need to stay on hold at this point. Let's wait to see what the ruling is.
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    Ironically I received a second letter from the VA today. The first 3 sentences say, "We are still processing your application for PENSION. We apologize for the delay. You will be notified upon completion of processing." Guess that's good news. If approved, we still have to go through the hoops for appointment of Fiduciary.

    I really appreciate this site and all of the valuable information and help given here.
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    You're welcome.

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