VA says we owe them $19K in back pay!

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    Hello, everyone -

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue...

    My mom has been receiving VA Aid and Attendance payments since 2015. In June 2018 she went from living with my sister in Missouri to moving into an assisted living facility near me in Texas. I mentioned to my brother that as fiduciary, he needed to make the VA aware of this change of address as well as the impact on her finances. He never did.

    About a week ago, my brother receives a 50+ page document in the mail stating that since he didn't respond within 60 days to a letter requesting updated information on my mom, all VA payments after January 2019 would stop and we would have to reapply. My brother never received the letter and told them that he hasn't had any problem receiving mail from them before. They can't prove it was sent. Hardly seems fair. Seems like something that important with such huge implications should be sent via certified mail. But whatever.

    So, my brother begins the process of reapplying for aid and actually goes into the office in St. Louis to expedite some of the paperwork. While there, they hand him some letter that basically states we owe the VA $19,000 in back pay due to my Mom not being qualified. What?! Has anyone had this happen to them?
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    It happens, you do NOT reapply, you request a Debt Waiver and you respond to the letter they sent you that you missed the 60 day deadline on.
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