VA says decision letter sent 1/29/2015 but never received.

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Need copy of VA decision letter

  1. How to get the letter

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  1. baldeagle

    baldeagle Newbie

    I filed my claim back in 2013. Finally on January 29, 2015 I found out that a decision was made on my claims. VA stated that they had sent me a letter giving me their decision and my appeal rights, but I never received a letter. Although I get lots of letters about buying insurance, I just cannot seem to get the needed one. Using the EBenefits site and IRIS to ask questions is a joke as they never answer your emails to them even though they say I should hear from them in less than 5 days. Can anyone help?
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry, not sure what to offer up here.

    Think at this point your best bet would be to get someone on the phone and discuss it.

    Hope you can get it resolved.

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