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Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by brunn2, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. brunn2

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    Just got my third letter from the Philadelphia center saying they are still working on my application but are extremely busy. Guess they need to hire more people!!!
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    Thousands of people couldn't agree with you more.
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    If it helps you at all, I submitted MIL's A&A application to the Philly office, and it was approved in almost exactly 6 months. We received "we are processing your application" status letters about every other month until approval.

    Good luck!
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    Those form letters are automatically generated, and quite common.
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    We submitted my M-I-L's app in October. Just got the approval and first check. She got that letter three months in a row. Seemed to be a form letter, but I felt better that the system knew we existed. :)
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    Does anyone know if the dates on all the forms have to be identical? The physician's statement is my concern, whether the date on that can be different, as the doctor visit to fill out the form might not be the same as the dates on the other forms, or does it matter?
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    It shouldn't matter.
  8. toxdoc49

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    So I also got three of the 'we are still processing your application' letters. Just today, I received a response from VA asking for more information. The letter acknowledged that I had asked for expediting under the Fully Developed Claim. VA said they could not process it under this program because " the martial history for you and the veteran were not filled out in its entirety." what? Do they mean 'marital' history? Then they said they needed additional evidence to process the claim. I need to send a clear copy of the death certificate for the veteran and the DD214. They also said that it could not be read clearly. Here the issue is that I had the VSO sign and acknowledge to the VA that she had verified that they were authentic, etc. So, I guess I still need to send the originals. That is a point made here on the forum, so maybe sending copies through the VSO is not the right idea. I am not sure what the documents have to do with 'martial' history, but I will send them.

    I will also send the statement in support of claim now that my MIL is in the ALF to change to the A&A level of benefit.

    I also have to fill out and send a VCAA Notice Response. I have two choices on the form: to enclose all the remaining information or evidence to support the claim and have the VA decide the claim as soon as possible, or: "I will send more information or evidence to the VA to support my claim. VA will wait the full 30 days from the date of the letter sent with this notice before deciding my claim."

    I also add that the letter says "the quickest, easiest, and most secure way to submit any documents to us is via the eBenefits website." I feel as if mailing them as suggested on this site is the best way.

    Hoping I figured this out. Also hoping that the VA means what it says when they say they can make a decision on the claim after I submit the materials in 30 days.
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  9. toxdoc49

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    I sent in the information I thought was required for the VA. I checked the option for having VA wait the full 30 days from the date of the letter sent to me. I received a phone call from the Philadelphia office in early January 2017 and spoke with one of the case workers. She was very helpful and helped me sort out the application information since my MIL had moved into an ALF and that might not have been clear on the application. I am hoping that the clarification of the information will help my MIL get some award from the VA. I started this application process with the intent to file form in May of 2016. Believe me, the best source of guidance and information on how to do the application is right here on this forum. Besides the long waiting for all of this, I will hopefully hear from the VA in the near future and will update.
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    Glad to hear the case worker was helpful! It's always nice to hear stories like that. I know it has been a long process for your family and your mother-in-law and I certainly hope you receive the news you're looking for soon.
  11. toxdoc49

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    So just yesterday we did receive the letter from the VA on determination of benefits, and yay my MIL was awarded benefits!! The retroactive amount (from the date that we filed the intent to file form) is less since my MIL had recently moved into an ALF from our house, but good news is that the award amount is adjusted upward for February and looks to be about $1021 per month. This will really help her out for the long term, and we are grateful to the VA that they called and helped us with the final stages of the determination.

    We are also grateful for the information on this forum and Kaylin, your tireless efforts at helping everyone here on the forum is invaluable!
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    YAY! I am so excited to hear of your success story! Thank you for sharing!
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