VA request to visit to Fiduciary home ?

Discussion in 'Fiduciary questions' started by ric480, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. ric480

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    I have been my mom's Fiduciary for two plus years. Is it normal for VA to request a visit to the Fiduciary after this amount of time ?

    Is this some kind of check up the VA does as normal business ?

    VA rep is coming this Wednesday, any reply by then would be kind. Thanks.
  2. ric480

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  3. ric480

    ric480 Newbie

    So, VA field agent visited both my mom at her ALF and me at my home. Says that VA will visit every two years to verify benefits. Asked for financial details, (both Fiduciary account and any other bank accounts or assets), acct #'s and balances.

    I guess any other Fiduciaries will be going through this as well. Hope my posts help others in the future. Good luck.
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    Thank you so much for providing input on this @ric480 . I'll make some notes on this for the future.

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