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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ginnifarmer, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ginnifarmer

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    Upon receiving the notice of award for my parents, I called the VA, completely confused. When I got off the phone, I was even more so.

    There was amount in the accrued section for my father who passed away in 2009. There was another award for my mother, but nothing listed as accrued, but the award was effective 9/2009. I'm confused. Does that mean that there should be an accrued amount for her as well?

    And if so, since my mother passed 1/31/2011, will it come as a lump sum to my siblings?
  2. swainlaw

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    The accrued amount for your father's claim was owed to your mother at his death. I assume this was never paid to her. If your mother died before any pension was paid to her there would be no automatic accrued benefit. You would have to show that you incurred expenses on her behalf with the expectation that you would be repaid, such as funeral expenses, living expenses etc. File form 21-601 for accrued benefits.

    If they have not awarded her the pension you will have to file for accrued pension benefits and demand that they complete the claim. If the VA did not have all of the information necessary to decide the claim prior to her death the claim would die with her.
  3. ginnifarmer

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    They did award her the pension of $1056 effective 9/2009. So would that mean that there should be accrued funds due her estate? That's the thing I don't understand. In the paperwork it's stated plainly that they have approved her award based on all the data received. I understood the benefit would be retroactive to when the claim was filed, back in 2009. So in my mind, it stands to reason that if she were awarded the benefit, it would be calculated from 9/2009 to the date of her death. Am I wrong?
  4. swainlaw

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    They will not pay any benefits to the estate. Only a dependent is entitle to receive the outstanding pension payments.

    In order for anyone else to make a claim for these outstanding payments they would have to show that they paid expenses for the care of the claimant and/or paid the burial expenses.

    Her estate can also file a claim for these payments.

    If you can show that you paid her expenses you would need to file for accrued benefits.
  5. ginnifarmer

    ginnifarmer Newbie

    Thanks so much for clarifying that. By last expenses, does this include the cost of death certificates and the obituary announcement?
  6. vetadmin

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    No on the certificates and obituary.

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