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  1. Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann Newbie

    This might seem like a dumb question BUT what is the VA file number? Should I already know this?
    We just applied for a&a last month for my grandmother and have been worried about the VA file number.
    Thanks so much as always for your help!

    Leigh Ann
  2. celeste

    celeste Newbie

    I applied for my mother, the surviving spouse. My father, the veteran, had a "file" number assigned to him way back whenever he first used VA benefits. That is the "VA File Number" they ask for on the A & A application. It will be the same number when you hear from them regarding your grandmother.........the veteran's file number. My mother was a pack rat and I was able to get my hands on paperwork for Dad's VA medical benefits.
    That is where I found the VA file number.
  3. Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann Newbie

    Oh no! Now I am worried I already sent the application and all other documents WITHOUT the file number! What should I do and will this cause a huge delay?
  4. AnnieN

    AnnieN Newbie

    Leigh Ann, I didn't have a VA file number when I applied for my Mom (she's the vet) and it wasn't a problem. They just used her SS no. whenever they wanted to access her paperwork, until her a&A decision was made. At that time they assigned her a VA file number. Of course, we had not had any other interaction with the VA other than the application (and her health care but they are separate entities). I did put her name and SS # on each page of the application to make sure they could all be identified. Good luck to you.

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