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    Hello, can anyone tell me if an award for aid and attendance will result in the veteran being eligible for VA prescription drug coverage? And, if so, how do I start the process? Thank you for any help!
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    A veteran that is in receipt of a VA pension is definitely eligible to enroll in the VA healthcare system. A veteran can apply by filling out a VA Form 10-10EZ and sending it to the local VA clinic or applying online. Go to for more information.

    Keep in mind that there is no separate "Prescription Coverage". A veteran must go to the local VA clinic or medical center and will be prescribed and issued medicines via the VA pharmacy. The VA does not accept prescriptions directly from outside doctors.

    With that said; don't let this dissuade you from utilizing this service. If the veteran is physically able to go to the VA clinic for appointments, I would strongly encourage that this be done. The veteran does not have to give up any outside medical care that he or she currently has - the VA healthcare providers will work in concert with them. The VA healthcare provider will review the medical records of the veteran and usually prescribe the same medications to the veteran, through the VA system - often at a great savings. Once enrolled, the veteran may be eligible for other benefits available from the VA healthcare system.

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