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    Does VA disability income count as countable income? I understand you can't get both disability and pension income, but I don't know if my dad's disability income should be included in his total income. It makes a big difference.

    Secondly, if my dad has not yet gone into an assisted living facility, but needs to, can I include the not yet incurred cost of ALF in his unreimbursed medical expenses? Or does he have to live there first.

    Thank you in advance for your response. I'm very new at this whole thing and am just getting started.

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    Your father should be getting 100% disability Compensation’ at the single rate, which currently would be $2816 a month, and if your mother is still alive, $2973 a month! If your father is receiving less than 100% disability compensation, what about applying for “Individual Unemployability?” To qualify, your father must have at least one 40% disability item, with an overall rating of 70%, then he would qualify, or perhaps one 60% disability item, then he would qualify for Individual Unemployment and receive the 100% disability rate! There are several variables, and you should go and meet with an accredited Veterans Service Officer!

    As to the VA Pension rates, your father would only receive $20,447, a year, for A&A Without Dependents, that is if your mother has died, minus any other income, the exception is SSI payment! Your father would receive $24,239, a year, A&A With One Dependent, that would be your mother, minus any other income, including your mother’s

    As you can see there is a big difference between VA Disability Compensation and Pension and your father can only receive one, the higher of the both! Assisted living facilities all follow state law and you must always disclose any income, even if it not from wages! You might want to look at a single payment life insurance policy, then a loan back from the insurance company is not considered income, it is a loan!

    Secondly, you can only count medical insurance (Medicare) and long term care insurance cost, with medical equipment and drugs purchased during the year of his movement to the ALF, but you can also present a new medical expense report after his placement! One year at a time! But if you can get the disability compensation, take it! There is no deductions from the Disability Compensation!
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    VA would grant whichever benefit is high. Compensation is not a countable income source.

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