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    I ignored a call from areacode "215" Saturday morning. No message. Googled # only to learn it was VA-PHIL
    Fortunately, she called back Monday morning. Only 1 question....needed to know how much interest Dad's savings
    earned in 2010. Did realize we need to include the interest on form #21-526 - #37B on page 8. His was less
    than $10 so I don't expect it will change anything. VA said they had everything to make determination & should
    receive letter in 10-14 days.

    Here's our timeline;
    11/01/10 - Statement in Support of Claim #21-4138 - stating we will be filling claim
    11/18/10 - VA letter with claim #
    12/26/10 - UPS to PHIL, PA with Request for Priority Processing...Veteran 84 in late stage bone cancer
    12/30/10 - VA received
    02/10/11 - Form ?? how long to I need to wait to call & push them?
    02/10/11 - Debbie replied, 'give courtesy of 90 days'
    03/21/11 - Day 80 - VA called

    Debbie, thank you for telling me to cool my jets.
    Fingers & toes are crossed:)
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    thanks for the timeline, Caregiver 2X, and for the tip about the interest. I wouldn't have thought to include that either. It was good to see a less-than-one-year turnaround, your application must have been spot-on!

    good luck on a speedy and generous final determination from the VA.
  3. vetadmin

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    Glad to hear the great news, and that I was able to reassure you.

    Sorry I'm late in replying. Busy with the updating the site, and getting that all straight.

    I look forward to hearing the rest of this story with a happy ending for you and your dad.
  4. Max

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    Average turnaround time on original claims is actually far less than a year.


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